The Top Five Reasons Glass is a Favourite Balustrading Material

Glass is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a balustrading solution for your home. It offers a unique contemporary charm you can’t get from other traditional material such as wrought iron or wood. Its clean and transparent feature makes it a favourite in modern styled homes and commercial establishments.

glass balustrading in PerthHere are some of the top reasons you will never go wrong with glass balustrading in your home, according to

Sturdy and Durable

Glass balustrades are made from high quality tempered glass, especially made as a building material. The panels are thick and tough, making it a safe and durable balustrading material. They come in fully frameless and semi-frameless options; you can have it installed with or without handrail.

Sleek and Stylish

Installing glass balustrades will instantly create a modern contemporary touch. Your home doesn’t need to be modern themed for you to use glass. The material is very adaptable; it will look good and stylish even with a more traditional theme. You can use it side by side with metal or wood material, and it will still shine with sophistication.


These stylish balustrades can be installed in various areas in your house. You can have them installed in your staircase, terrace, or balcony, as well as for other fencing and design applications. When installed outside your home, it gives an unobstructed view of the outdoors. You can enjoy a clear view of your garden or lawn.


It’s not just plain, clear glass you can get. There are many different styles and designs to choose from. They come in different levels of clarity and etched designs.

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Low Maintenance

Unlike other materials, glass requires little to no maintenance. Balustrades are created to withstand outdoor elements and are resistant to corrosion. Therefore, they are virtually safe from damage that can lead to costly repair or replacement. It’s also easy to clean and maintain its appeal.

Look for professional glass installers and learn more about your options. That’s the first step to getting all these glass balustrade benefits.