The Broken Glass: Things You Need to Know About Glass Cracks

glass cracksGlass is a beautiful and versatile construction material that can blend seamlessly into any landscape. Its transparency allows expansive views, abundant light and offers productivity and health benefits that daylight and views can bring about. It is also easy to maintain and can be easily cleaned with damp cloth.

Extreme temperature fluctuations, however, can cause stress cracks and compromise the beauty of the glass. It starts as a single crack from an edge of a unit and continues to travel across the material. While a crack on a window may not be disruptive to your view, it can worsen over time and the entire window may break.

Your Window’s Susceptibility to Cracks

Apart from extreme temperatures, there are also other reasons that cause stress cracks to crop up. The force or the action to which the material is installed can cause cracks. Construction experts from say that the age and size of the window can also dictate its susceptibility to cracks.

While the cracks can happen to glass of any size, it is more likely to occur in large windows. This is especially true for those that are underneath overhangs or recessed behind a protruding external room. The changes in the home’s surroundings can also cause cracks to occur. Windows in new houses are more prone to cracks, as a new home is yet to settle.

Fixing a Broken Glass

If your home or office window has stress cracks, it is best to call glass repair experts to have it fixed or replaced. Glass window experts suggest choosing thicker glass panes to decrease the risk of stress cracks in the future. Those that are labelled as safety glass or those with reflective tints based on your climate are also beneficial.

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You also need to be wary of small cracks. Cracks can cause energy loss by letting hot and cold air in. The smallest crack may also lead to an accident, putting you at risk. Make sure to ask repair experts about the best type of glass to install.