Radon: Is it Possible to Get Lung Cancer Without Smoking?

Health Care in Utah The health hazards of radon are so profound that Utah declared January as National Radon Action Month. The Division of Radiation Control (DRC) has classified Utah zip codes to help real estate developers and consumers in choosing their homes and business locations. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also instituted laws and regulations to manage, control, and keep the public safe from the effects of radon.

Breathe Air Safely: Get Radon Testing

You may have ordered and accomplished radon testing in Utah prior to having your home constructed a few years back. The building you bought or leased may have been certified to be radon-free. Though these facts ensure a safe breathing environment, it doesn’t mean that it will remain the same forever. Radon can pass through cracks in the walls and floors, including the water system, drainage, and pipes. When inhaled for a long time, lung cancer might develop even if you’re not smoking.

How Does Radon Enter Your Home?

1. Radon can be released into the air through soils and rocks under buildings and homes

Some rocks normally contain radium and uranium. When these rocks break down through soil movement brought about by natural causes such as earthquake or soil erosion, it releases the radon into the air.

2. Construction materials may have been manufactured using rocks and minerals that naturally contain the radioactive elements

Stones processed or dissolved through mining and quarrying, for instance, can release radon. As these processes continue, workers are not aware of the health hazards they are releasing into the air. In addition, the materials used in manufacturing tiles and other building materials involving these rocks will also contain the same radioactive material.

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3. Contamination of water supply with radon

The central water supply can easily be contaminated with radon as soon as it makes contact with radioactive materials. This further brings health risks for inhabitants, which can even lead them to develop lung cancer.

These are only some factors why the state highly recommends radon testing. This is not only for the initial checking of the soil, buildings, and homes. It’s for the regular function and responsibility of real estate developers, homeowners, and builders. Get your property tested for radon before it’s too late.