Penthouse: Why Make It Your Next Home in Brisbane

PenthouseEveryone who wants to live and make it in the beautiful City of Brisbane has faced this problem: what’s the best apartment floor to choose. While all unit locations have a share of advantages and disadvantages, there’s a reason penthouses are getting sold faster than lower-floor spaces.

If you’re flirting with the idea of living “on top of the world”, but still half-hearted if it’s right for you, maybe helping you imagine the life awaiting you inside your penthouse would help you decide.

Joys of Top-Floor Living

Waking up in a top-level unit in the heart of Brisbane feels like no other. You get the best seat to take pleasure of the stunning views of the cityscape. Even if your complex is situated on a busy street, you can spend every single day in serenity with minimal noise.

Of all units in the building, you get the most sunlight. Your abundance in sources of light and heat can help you save on your electric bills, especially during winter. Unlike lower floors, penthouses don’t get much foot traffic. Your isolation at the top lets you enjoy maximum privacy day in, day out.

Small Considerations

Despite living in the last floor, bear in mind that there are people living below you. Any noise you’d make may bother your downstairs neighbours.

Another thing to consider is moving heavy or bulky items. Especially if there’s no elevator, or a constantly faulty one, carrying them all the way up can be a real pain.

Prices Are Bound to Drop

The surplus of apartments in the Queensland capital is good news to you. Experts from predict that the prices of Brisbane penthouses for sale will fall if the city continues build more apartments than it needs. Buying a unit ASAP lets you benefit from the trend before it changes its course.

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A penthouse is not for everyone, but living on the top floor is one of the few ways to truly experience Brisbane living at its finest.