Name Your Barrier: Different Balcony Balustrade Ideas

Balcony Balustrades in Australia Balustrades are important parts of a home; they make it safer and look more beautiful. They come in different kinds and materials, from wood to glass. Perth has a number of reputable shops that offer balustrade systems for your needs. You may call or visit them anytime.

Balconies are among the areas of a home where you can find balustrades and railings. Apart from adding beauty to a household, they provide spaces where you can do various things. In your balcony, you can simply watch some birds, enjoy your morning exercise, have a private conversation with your family and friends, and do a lot more activities. Due to these numerous uses, it pays to choose great materials for your balcony balustrades and railings.

Jigsaw Balustrades outlines some options that you can consider:

  • Wood

It is the most popular choice during the ancient times, and a lot of consumers still go for a wooden balustrade these days. You can have it plain, carved, or painted with any colour that you want. It is perfect for balconies, as it is inexpensive and easy to install.

  • Vinyl

Its designs are similar to wooden railings. Unlike wood, it doesn’t warp. You don’t need to repaint it from time to time, making it a perfect choice for outdoor areas. It only requires regular cleaning for maintenance.

  • Stainless steel

Aside from being low maintenance, stainless steel balustrade systems are durable and versatile in the sense that you can have it carved into different shapes and designs of your choice.

  • Wrought iron and aluminium

These materials are popular among consumers, as they are light but fairly sturdy and low maintenance. They come in different colours and styles to match your home.

  • Glass

You can have it clear or tinted, framed or frameless, straight or curved — whatever your preference is. Prefabricated glass balustrades may be a bit expensive, but it is certainly the best option if you want to have a clear view of your property in all aspects.

It is best to seek the assistance of a professional when it comes to your balustrades. They can give expert advice based on your budget, home design, and your preference of course.