Japan Property Buying? 3 Reasons You Should Live in Osaka

Properties in Osaka, JapanWhenever people are asked where they want to go to Japan, their most likely reply is ‘Tokyo’. Kyoto may come second and Okinawa is a third. Have you thought of putting Osaka on your Japan bucket list, though? Being the country’s third most populated city, many foreigners overlook its beauty.

Bayside Osaka was gutted by World War II bombing, but was rapidly rebuilt. It still has the picturesque architecture and the natural scenery is more alluring compared to other Japanese cities. Through the years, it has endured as one of Japan’s economically successful cities. Why should foreigners push it even further and buy a property in Osaka? Here are some reasons:

Food Worth Going Broke For

Osaka’s nickname is ‘Tenka no daidokoro’, which means ‘The Nation’s Kitchen’. Today, many see it as a gourmand’s paradise. The okonomiyaki is arguably the most in-demand dish in Osaka. Okonomiyaki is an omelette and a pancake customised with a choice of seafood, meat or noodles to create a variable and memorable taste. Other Osaka staples are kitsune udon, which is a thick noodle soup with fried tofu, and hakozushi, which is a sushi pressed flat in a bamboo box. And don’t forget the takoyaki.

Small Town Warmth

Even if it is a congested big city with nearly three million inhabitants, Osaka can still manage to mix cosmopolitan hipness along with its country charm. For example, Umada is a neighbourhood for a hip and good happening nightlife. Namba is likewise known for its department stores.

Korea is Only a Train Ride Away

Truruhashi is the working class district known as Osaka’s Korea Town. This area has a labyrinth of Korean goods and cuisine. If you are craving for anything Korean, this is the place to be. From souvenirs of K-Pop idols to Korean wear, you can find them all there. Locals instantly know that they’ve arrived in Tsuruhashi because the minute the train door opens, they are greeted by the glorious smile of Japanese-style Korean barbeque.

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These are only some of the reasons to convince you to buy a property and move to Osaka for good. You can opt for a house or a condominium. Whatever you decide on, it is sure to be worth your money.