Home Safety: Injuries Sustained by Children

Child Safety Children tend to wander aimlessly, especially at home. Their curiosity sometimes gets the best of them, and they become careless and bump into everything in their way. Without the parents’ supervision, these might lead to serious injuries, which may permanently maim the child.

TheNavigate.com says one way of making your home safe for your children is by setting up gates in areas that are potentially dangerous for them, such as the top of the stairs.

Here are some of the things that may happen without proper safety measures at home:


Most non-fatal injuries among children are fall-related. The sense of urgency that comes with falling is due to the fact that your child may sustain head injuries that could lead to torn blood vessels or worse, cognitive and emotional impairments.

Burns and Scalds

These are onsets of more serious injuries which may require your child to stay in the hospital for a very long time or cause emotional trauma. Burns range from first to third degree – each more severe than the other. The kitchen is where waffle makers and stoves are, and once your child touches these things, they will need more than kisses to ease the pain. Scalding may also occur during bath time, which will be a disaster once you accidentally run hot water for your child’s bath.

Strangulation and Suffocation

Got a loose wiring or ropes lying on the ground or hanging from places? Those are not just hazards for you, but for your children as well. Children can trip from these, get entangled and caught, and strangle themselves by accident.

Stuffed toys are cute and fun to play with, but did you know that your babies and toddlers could suffocate from them? If possible, keep your child’s crib free of stuffed toys and excess pillows. When buying stuffed toys, avoid those with strings and ribbons hanging from them. Also, make sure all seams are intact, so the stuffing stays inside the toys and away from your child’s mouth.


Common household items can pose as hazards for children – even plants. Keep your children away from the cupboards and your medicine cabinet because once they get a hold of chemicals and medicine, they will not just be experiencing bad stomachaches.

With children, anything in your adult-friendly home could potentially be a hazard. You could remove these items from your home or explain the risks to your children in a way they can understand. Use toys, get creative.