Four Conservatory Design Themes and Ideas

HouseConservatories make excellent home extensions. It is not just a luxurious way to stylize your home, but also highly functional additional living space. Like other glazed home extensions, a conservatory will improve your home’s comfort and significantly increase your property’s value.

If you are thinking about building one, perhaps you should begin by checking out conservatory design and decorating ideas and inspirations. Here are a few tips and suggestions to help you get started.

Chic and classy country style

If you want a country themed conservatory, you do not need a big structure. Country style is all about simplicity, so a humble small glazed structure would be enough. For the furnishings, stick to the basic comforts such as a small couch and table. To make it chic and classy, decorate with fabrics of painterly patterns. For added effect, use cabinets with distress look.

Traditional dining room

Take advantage of the natural light and views by turning your conservatory to another dining room. Hardwood conservatories make excellent secondary dining areas due to timber’s classic, traditional, and warm appeal that suit family gatherings and special occasions. Match the hardwood features with solid wood dining table, chairs, and timber floors.

Modern monochromatic style

Use glossy metal features to make your conservatory look sleek and modern. For the furnishing colours, use a monochromatic scheme. Tiled flooring is a perfect choice for conservatories with modern themes. Your choice of colours and textures should make a cohesive, sophisticated look to achieve a contemporary style.

Elegant garden room

You might as well take advantage of the plenty of sunlight passing through your glazed roof by making your conservatory a garden-inspired space. Use the glazed walls as the display area of some flowers and plants. Tell your builder to incorporate a feature in the walls where you can place pots and vases. To match the room’s appeal, use curtains with floral prints.

Builders can present you with various styles and designs, but it pays to have in mind an idea of your perfect conservatory. Work with a contractor who understands and respects your needs and preferences so you can get the perfect conservatory.