Avoid Making These DIY Mold Removal Blunders

Mold Removal in UtahMolds can be hazardous to anyone – infants, children, elderly, and those with serious health conditions – hence you shouldn’t ignore their presence in your house. As a homeowner, you have to protect your family and guard your home against mold damage. Utah has various restoration companies that can help you if you need their services. You may call and visit them for assistance.

Meanwhile, should you decide to do the mold remediation yourself, here are some DIY mistakes which you should avoid:

  • Failure to identify the infested areas

Make a thorough inspection of your home. Look beyond the outer surfaces to clearly identify the specific areas of mold growth before you start the cleaning process. Otherwise, you might end up scrubbing soot or mineral deposit.

  • Failure to wear protective gear

As mentioned above, mold is hazardous to your health. So you need to protect your eyes, mouth, and hands. If possible, wear full-body protection as you do the remediation.

  • Using ordinary cleaning fluids

Mold is resilient, and to use ordinary cleaning fluid won’t eradicate it. The colony may weaken for a while, but will come back with renewed strength. Be meticulous when cleaning and use the proper solution.

  • Holding on to items that should be discarded

Items with very porous surfaces should be thrown away after being infested by mold. These include wallpaper, carpet, upholstery, and the like. Mold spores thrive on them and can reactivate after some time, so it is best to discard them.

  • Failure to assess the situation correctly

In their attempt to get their properties back to normal, people sometimes clean the mess without having a clear assessment of the danger imposed by the structural damage. Don’t do this and never ignore the possibilities of hidden damage.

If you don’t have the right equipment and the proper skills, never attempt to restore a damaged property on your own. Doing so will put your life at risk. It is best to seek the assistance of a pro that has the knowledge and experience.