Aquatic Therapy: Soak Your Health Problems in your Pool

Swimming PoolWater or aqua therapy loosens stress muscles, maintains our balance and mobility, and relaxes our mind. But, for those who can’t swim or don’t like the idea of it, this can be ineffective. However, new swimming pool innovations have been discovered for non-swimmers to benefit from water therapy, too.

Here are water therapeutic systems you should have in your house:

Eco-friendly pools

Have you heard about the dangers of using chlorine for your pool’s sanitation? Getting too much exposure to it can harm our respiratory system, and even lead to some serious diseases such as cancer. Worry no more as eco-friendly swimming pools have been invented to keep us from getting such health issues. You can ask for salt water pools that use saline instead of chlorine or ozone pools that have a powerful disinfectant system. With an environmental-friendly pool, you can have a longer swim without worrying about getting chemicals in your body. If you have back pain problems or muscle strains, just soak yourself in the water, and be cured in these eco-friendly pools.

Innovative Hot tub spa

If you are a non-swimmer, you can still enjoy water therapy by ending your day with a bathtub spa at the comfort of your home. Relaxing at least 20 minutes in your tub, you can have a sweet restful sleep after. But, various hot tub designs have been innovated for a better relief. According to Dolphin Pools & Spas, you can get the best Bullfrog spa for your home that meets your needs and your budget.

Bullfrog Spas use Jetpack Therapy System that gives anyone a soothing massage. Some jetpacks built can also give a strong neck or back massage. The good news is the seats of bullfrog spas can be interchanged depending on the customer’s choice. If you don’t want to be wading and releasing much energy in the pool, then get these hot tubs, and let it absorb all your bad energies.

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Color Light Therapy

LED lights are safe, long term, and cost-saving as compared to incandescent and fiber optic inground pool lights. In addition, various vibrant colors have given splendour to the pool and the patio. Apart from these benefits, color lights from LED lights actually help relax our mind and soul. But, you don’t need to get your body closer to the lights when in the pool. According to psychologists, if you are surrounded with these vibrant lightings, your depression and worries will be lessened. The LED lights have a rejuvenating and spiritual power that fights off bad vibes we had gone throughout the day.

These innovations show how powerful swimming pools are in curing your health concerns. You can always find pool builders who can give you a safe and relaxing pools. Though, not a great swimmer, you can always achieve the most tranquil water therapy even at the comfort of your home.