3 Dangerous Myths Surrounding Your Home’s Garbage Disposal Unit

Garbage Disposal Unit Buying a waste disposal unit for your home is an ideal way to preserve your plumbing system since it eliminates incessant clogging and backing up. The unit shreds much of the kitchen waste into much smaller pieces that pass through the drainage systems with relative ease. However, improper use poses dangers to your plumbing system since it can easily cause the pipes to block and clog, resulting in extensive damage.

iRepair Plumbing Heating and Air and other plumbing experts share some myths that you should debunk:

It Shreds Everything

Despite what the name might imply, there is a limit to what you garbage disposal can handle without breaking down or harming your plumbing system. Heavy fibrous materials such as corn husks tangle the motor and pose a blocking hazard to the drainage system. Food such as pasta and rice expand in water and could cause the unit to jam. Bones, cigarette butts, and other none food items pose dangers to the smooth operations of any unit.

It’s Okay to Use Hot Water

Use of hot water when grinding foods waste cause the grease to liquefy only to solidify later when you flush the system with cold water. As a result, the solid fats coagulate, forming larger clumps that serve to trap other debris in your pipes as well as the unit itself. For the best results, use cold water when grinding as it keeps the fats in solid form, enabling the unit to chop them up into little pieces.

The Unit Doesn’t Require Frequent Cleaning

Without proper cleaning, the blades are susceptible to rusting, which might cause you to incur substantial losses. You can keep the unit clean by pouring a little soap inside and letting it run for a minute after doing the dishes. Similarly, small fish and chicken bones, and eggshells provide a scouring action inside the grinding chamber, keeping it clean.

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Many homeowners readily buy into conventional garbage disposal units’ myths, causing them to break down quicker and putting their plumbing systems at risk. Adhering to proper use of the garbage disposal unit preserves the unit as well as the plumbing system in the home and saves you a considerable amount of money.