Simple Questions to Ask Before Signing with a Storage Company

StorageThere are some things that people can’t simply let go of. Keeping a lot of things when it should be disposed of could present a problem. Too much stuff in the house takes up sizeable space for movement and new things. The inability or unwillingness to get rid of some stuff may be considered a hoarding disorder or disposophobia.

But, you don’t have to force yourself if you really want to keep all your stuff. A probable solution is to get a storage unit to house the things that stockpile in your home. The agents from AAA Bargain Removals say that storage units are a suitable place to put away your stuff for a few days or even years.

Decide on what type of unit you need, whether it’s a climate-controlled unit or a generic garage-style one. When you buy or rent storage units, see to it that you do your homework in reviewing and making sure the company is trustworthy. Before signing anything, ask them a few important questions.

Can I see the actual unit I’ll get?

Don’t rely too much on sales talk, model units and photos. If you can, visit the property and see the unit yourself. Inspect every corner; make sure it’s clean and dry. Dirty rooms attract pests and leaks cause mould build-up, which can damage your stuff when you leave them there for long.

Are there any discounts or promo deals available?

As much as possible, you’d want to keep the expenses low without compromising functionality. Most storage management companies offer promos, such as free storage for the first month to make the transition easy, and it won’t hurt much financially. Make the most of these special deals.

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What if I missed on a payment?

Unlike apartment dues, you’d most likely forget the storage payments if you don’t visit it regularly. It’s ideal if you find a company that gives grace periods. Make sure they provide a notice regarding late or missed payments. In most cases, failing to pay puts your stuff up for auction.

Reach an agreement with a company that meets your storage needs and ease your problems. After all, you wouldn’t want to get rid of your valuables just like that.