How an Extrovert Can Create Heartfelt Connections with an Introvert

IntrovertThe world seems to have created a big rift between introverts and extroverts. While it’s neither of your faults for being who you are, you should also remember that you are two completely human and fallible personalities. Show a little tenderness with your quiet friend and try out these kind gestures.             

Accepting Distance – Hard as it is to accept, your company isn’t always wanted or desired by your introverted friends. That doesn’t mean they don’t love you or respect you. It only means they don’t have the same capacity to share their space as you do. You don't always have to be around for them but be ready when they make themselves available.

Respect Availability – Since the introvert does not have the same level of energy as you (the extrovert), be ready to ask your silent friend how you can identify when and where you can connect with them. Introverts hardly announce when they're cool with going out, so it won’t hurt to ask when the green light pops up on your messenger app, via text or through a simple phone call. You can then avoid awkward situations where your invite gets rejected after you've already reserved the restaurant of bought tickets to an event.

Give Wisely – Introverts have specific needs and habits. One common interest that introverts share is their love of collecting things like books, art supplies, and action figures. Show them you support their individuality and hobbies by giving them a practical gift, such as shelving or even an actual hobby nook. You can even go the extra mile and contact one of the many storage shed manufacturers in your area to personalise bookshelves or cabinets for them.

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One of an introvert’s biggest gifts to the world is their deep thought and their natural capacity to express themselves in quiet, subtle moments. Extroverts are also capable of expressing thought and emotion, though often in a more visceral manner. By working around and with these differences, you would find a very loyal and lasting friendship with your introvert acquaintance.