Go Green: Eco-Friendly Commercial Laundry Service in Melbourne

Laundry Service in MelbourneUnknown to many, doing your laundry can be detrimental to nature, but by introducing hi-tech changes to the usual laundry washing service, doing your laundry can now be better and safer for Mother Earth.

Laundromats and other laundry services have been considered by many as little culprits against Mother Earth despite their simple goal to make washing and drying clothes more convenient for those who may not have washing machines. This notorious status may have been triggered by the fact that many laundry services make use of various washing detergents and chemicals which may or may not be healthy for the environment. Worse, water used for washing is often disposed of irresponsibly by many run-of-the-mill commercial laundry services. Although extremely cheap, many commercial laundry services today may not be worth patronising due to their harmful methods of disposing of laundry chemicals.

However, new technology in laundry care is changing the playing field entirely: by introducing laundry solutions that are safe for the environment, convenient for customers, easy on the pocket, and most importantly, safe on clothes, doing your laundry will no longer be harmful to your surroundings. 

Get to Know this Commercial Laundry Service in Melbourne

Play your part in conserving nature. One eco-friendly commercial laundry services in Melbourne have to offer makes use of hi-tech facilities that make the washing-drying experience healthier and safer for nature. What makes this service unique from other commercial laundry shops in the area is their penchant for putting Mother Earth first, and good, quality washing a close second.

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Laundry washing has often been overlooked as a cause for pollution and increased carbon footprint. In fact, among the various appliances in your household, the washing machine can be the worst offender. Take note, a full laundry load requires the washing machine, especially older models, to exert extensive amounts of effort to wash, and later, dry your clothes. A 22-minute washing program, the most optimal time it takes to wash a few, simple shirts, may have utilised so much electricity without your knowing.

If clean clothes make you feel good, knowing that you went through eco-friendly means to get your washing done should make you feel better.