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Exterior DoorYour exterior shop door is of great importance to protecting your property. In addition, your front door says a lot about you, it can be warm and welcoming or ‘cold’ pushing your visitors away. As you consider getting a front door, it is good you get one that is strong, in line with your style and one that compliments the inside of the home. Kick plates are great in offering your door strength, among other functions.

Kick Plates

Kick plates lengthen the life of your exterior door by covering up to prevent tear and wear. The kick plates focus on the base of any door which suffers most kicking from users. In addition, kick plates add to your house’s décor and range from simple plain metal to customized looks.  Some of the kick plates designs available include:

Brass/ Gold

This kick plate design offers a classy look as it adds finishing to your door. It also adds weight to your door and gives a beautiful finish to your front door.


Chevron design is trendy and is a perfect way to distinguish your house door from others in the block due to its eye-catching properties.

Basic Etching

This involves basic etching on a plain kick plate. You can have words of your choice in the etch bringing out your desired impression.


Monogram kick plates give you absolute freedom of customizing your door.

Diamond Flames

A diamond kick plate gives your door a classy touch. To obtain the kick plate, heavy machines cut the desired shape and size from a diamond metal. Often, the diamond kick plates have a flame appearance.

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You need to protect your valuable door by having an installation of kick plates by AWDI certified personnel on already existing doors, or make new doors with kick plates. Give your home and space a new look using quality doors from leading door sellers.