Cross Country Style: French Country vs English Country Kitchen

Kitchen DesignsFrench and English country kitchens were mistaken as having similar styles. However, there are a number of distinguishable features such as fabrics, colours and textures. To design your own rustic, cosy and traditional kitchen, know the personalities of both styles before you purchase that beautiful bench top from Prestige Bench Top Limited.

French Country Kitchen Design

This type of design is usually associated with farm animal décor, toile fabrics and orderly florals, and earthy hues. Its strong notes of polish and elegance mark its style, but it still maintains its ode to countryside living. When you stumble upon a real French country kitchen, you will easily see warm reds and mustard yellow reflecting the countryside.

The French adore earthier tones, while the English love purer tones. When it comes to shades of green, you will see French kitchens sporting mossy green. English kitchens, on the other hand, prefer hunter green. When upholstering furniture, remember that French fabrics exude a sophisticated sense of formal elegance. You will see flowers lined up in a structured way, while toile fabrics depict fountains, gardens and all those symbolising elegance for the French.

English Country Kitchen Design

The characteristics of this style mainly revolve around rustic, lived-in furniture, chintz florals and décor portraying hunting scenes.  This design encapsulates a lived-in atmosphere. Its tone reflects years of enjoying life and a cosy and warm atmosphere. You will see scuff marks on the furniture, but they add to its charm and personality.

English style honours animals, friends and children that bring character to the countryside life. Their fabrics portray less groomed foliage like chintz florals and wildflowers. It uses straightforward colours and natural hues. The décor focuses on hunting scenes with horses and dogs, as well as presenting nature and botanical prints.

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The only similarity between French and English country kitchens is the presence of wide boards and dark wood floors. It’s the most distinguishable feature, however, which explains the confusion regarding their similarities.