Conserving Precious Water with Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning Carpet in BexleyThe most popular procedure for cleaning dirty carpets is hot water extraction. This is a traditional method which requires about 20-40 gallons of water and the use of detergent containing chemical compounds. Any breach in protocol or poor handling might cause wicking, stretching and possible damage to the seams of the carpet.

A carpet that undergoes hot water extraction also requires longer drying times. Mould and mildew colonies may grow if the carpet does not dry completely within 48 hours.

Water shortage in the 21st century

Human activities are already putting a huge amount of strain on Earth’s water resources. If you can find ways to conserve water in your daily activities, then you can be more confident of a bright future for your children. People in Bexley who want to contribute to the just cause of water conservation choose a carpet cleaner based on the efficient use of water during cleaning.

Low-moisture carpet cleaning methods

You should not decide to bypass carpet cleaning simply because you want to conserve water. Carpets collect all sorts of filth and microorganisms. Do not risk the health of the people you love. To save water and lower the risk of mould and mildew infestation, choose companies offering low-moisture procedures.

Cleaning professionals use this method to ensure proper cleaning while avoiding the disadvantages of hot water extraction. Effective low-moisture methods use high-pressure suction machines to remove the dirt. Companies that do not use chemical cleaning agents also make the newly-restored carpet safer for young children.

The industry defines low-moisture methods for cleaning carpets as procedures that remove filth and allow the fibres to dry in less than two hours. Find service providers offering this method and compare results with the method you used to employ. Choose the option that helps conserve water resources.