Are Your Cooling Bills Rising?

Paying billsIf you notice an increase in your cooling bills, you may be dealing with an inefficient unit. This is particularly true with symptoms such as reduced airflow, warm air coming from vents, and AC noises. If your AC is behaving inefficiently and showing these signs, it is best to call an experienced technician to pinpoint the cause and address the issue.

Whipple Service Champions and other Salt Lake City home air conditioner repair experts share the possible causes of air conditioning inefficiency:

Damaged ductwork

Holes or tears in the ductwork can compromise the efficiency of your unit by pulling out warm air and causing the air to leak out, which then robs your home of cold air. You may want to check or hire a technician to inspect your attic or where your ductworks are installed to fix the damage.

Refrigerant leak or loss

With a refrigerant loss, homeowners think the adding refrigerant will solve the problem. This is not necessarily, as this could mean that you have a leak. This leak will affect the performance of your system to reduce cooling capacity. It’s best to hire a pro to check your refrigerant and perform the right course of action.

Poor or improper insulation

If your home has no proper insulation, it can affect your how well your AC can do its job. Apart from keeping the warm air out during the colder season, insulation can also keep the warm air out during the summer, which is beneficial to your indoor comfort.

Obstructed outdoor unit

Debris, shrubs, and fences around your outdoor unit can block the air needed for your AC equipment to work efficiently. They can restrict the airflow or cause damage in the refrigerant lines or fan blades. Be sure to keep obstructions at least two to three feet away from the unit.

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If your AC is not working efficiently, your utility bills are not the only ones that will your suffer. It is also likely to your indoor comfort to be compromised with more wear and tear on the unit. Routine maintenance and annual servicing are necessary to keep your unit running efficiently. You should also contact a pro when experiencing problems instead handling the issue on your own.