Aluminium Fencing and Gates: Fences that Last a Long Time

gated homeThere’s no denying that fences made of wood are an iconic image of the classic suburban home. They give your home a sense of quaintness and simplicity that more modern fencing options simply can’t replicate. But, looking good isn’t the only thing you should be basing your choice of fencing material on. After all, in the first place, fences are there to make your house more secure.

Wrought iron and steel may be more durable than wooden fences, but they aren’t exactly that friendly to your wallet. If you’re looking for budget-friendly fencing that offers the same level of security as iron and steel, consider aluminium.


The biggest draw of aluminium gates and fencing is how durable they are when you compare them to iron and steel. Unlike the other two, aluminium does not rust since it is not a ferric metal. It has a natural layer of aluminium oxide that protects the surface against things that would usually cause rusting in iron and even steel fences.

Aluminium may not be as physically strong as iron or steel, but they do have a considerably longer life span. Fences made out of this material are also less prone to corrosion, making them the better fencing option if you live in places that are very hot or prone to rain.

It’s important to take note that even though most aluminium fences come from recycled materials, their durability and resistance to the elements do’t tarnish no matter how many times it is repurposed and remade into new fencing.

Great Value for Your Money

When you compare it to iron, steel and some variants of wood fencing, fences made from aluminium are more affordable. It costs lower to manufacture them, which means they are more readily available.

The aluminium oxide that protects it from rusting and corrosion also makes maintenance a lot easier. In fact, you don’t necessarily have to maintain your fence at all; aluminium fences don’t require re-painting or re-staining. The only ‘maintenance’ you’ll probably have to do is hosing it down to get rid of dirt and debris.

Aside from durability and affordability, aluminium fences are highly versatile and customisable, and you can even find aluminium fences that look like wrought iron or wood. These prove that aluminium is truly the better fencing option for your home.