Home Improvement: Read This Before Remodeling

Real estate agent consultationHome improvements generally have two purposes, to make life better for the homeowners or to add market value to the house. There is a huge difference between the two but you do not have to sacrifice one for the other.

It depends on a number of factors, but some of the most common include your location, the ceiling price of property in your location, the kind of clientele your location invites, your preferences and personal taste and of course your budget.

Guided by these factors, you can already make a few conclusions about what improvements are a good choice and which ones are not. To be sure about your decision, it is prudent to do your research first. Perhaps the best person to tell you whether your idea of a home improvement is good or not is your estate agent.

If you are intent on making the remodel anyway, there are some safe choices. Here are Contour‘s top two picks.


A bathroom remodel is almost always a good idea. It will give you that chance to use a bathroom worthy of royalty, or something with more space. You can replace your bathtub or cover exposed pipes with UK pipe boxings. Besides, old fixtures and pipes are just ghastly to look at sometimes. You can also build an additional bathroom or toilet. If you build it well, there is no reason for it not to add some value to your home.


This is perhaps the area that most experts believe deserves a remodel, both for better living and for increasing sale value. A modern kitchen with classy cabinetry, wider countertops, floor space to move around in and maybe even a glass splashback should raise your home’s value, or at the very least make you enjoy cooking more.

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Do mind the material and the colour when you apply such improvements to your home. Unusual colours may be good if they are a personal preference, but if you have any plans at all to move a new home in the future better stick with the classics like white.