Fixed-Rate Mortgage Options for Home Buyers

a houseMost home buyers would not actualize their dream without the help of a mortgage. When shopping around for your mortgage, several elements will influence your decision. One of the vital elements will be the interest rate your lender gives you.

Fixed-rate mortgages remain among the most popular since you can plan your payments over the loan’s lifespan upfront. There are different options your fixed-rate mortgage loan lender from Ogden might advance you. The following are a few of these options:

40, 30, 15, and 7-Year Loans​

A 40-year mortgage is the longest fixed-rate home loan currently available on the market. It also features low-interest rates owing to its extended lifetime. The 30 and 15-year mortgages are popular residential loans because they generally have fewer costs over their lifetime than the 40-year loan. The 7-year loan is often designed for commercial properties.

Convertible Loans​

Convertible mortgages allow conversion of your existing loan to one with a reduced interest rate once you start your repayments. Before the conversion, several setup charges should be paid. The amount of these fees differs from one lender to another. When changing your mortgage, consequently, you should ensure the new interest rate warrants the cost of this setup fee.

Balloon Loans​

These mortgages allow small monthly repayments for their initial five to seven years. After the expiry of this period, your balloon mortgage lender will require a lump sum payment of the remaining balance. Most balloon home loans, fortunately, contain a contingency, which allows conversion of your loan to a fixed-rate one if you can’t make the lump sum repayment.

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These home loans are the hassle-free route to homeownership. Since they feature a long-term relationship with your lender, choosing the best lender is crucial. Get a lender who will support you through various changes over the loan’s lifetime.