Waterfalls, Fountains and More: Top Water Feature Trends of the Decade

Garden Water FeaturesOver the last couple of years, New Zealand homeowners have taken a particular interest in extending their living space beyond the four corners of their homes. The great outdoors have become a major part of their life; the porch or the patio has become a popular place to gather with friends, and a well-cultivated garden has become the go-to place for a quiet and peaceful retreat.

This year, more and more homeowners are also incorporating water features to take that experience to the next level. And the styles and ways they incorporate into the landscape are always changing.

If you plan to install a water feature as well, here are the biggest trends of the decade you might want to try:

Sheet Waterfalls

There is no doubt that sheet waterfalls are the most popular water features lately, according to the experts at Waterworks Irrigation Ltd. As homeowners continue to add more structure to garden areas, such as stone columns and brick walls, sheet waterfalls are becoming a crowning feature, as it creates elegance beyond the typical fountain.

The most popular style for sheet waterfalls is the formal falls. This is installed into a block wall and creates a beautiful and clean water feature. This may come with lighting for an exceptional view at night.

Bubbling Fountains

Bubbling fountains feature large stones and rocks as a centrepiece (usually a pot or an urn). There is a hole through the centrepiece, which makes the water bubble up and shoot upward through the opening. This provides a vibrant aquatic display.

Bubbling fountains are also popular largely because they are a low-maintenance and low-cost option.

Rock Column Fountains

Rock column fountains typically come in sets of three columns; the water disappears into a bed of gravel, where it re-circulates back to the column. Rock column fountains, much like bubbling fountains, are also popular because they are a maintenance-free way to add an impressive water feature to garden structures.

Because of their large size, however, they can be a bit more expensive than bubbling fountains.

There is no better time to beautify your New Zealand home with some of these trendy water features. Adding them does not only provide an added property value and curb appeal to your home — it also means you are adding something you can enjoy for years to come!