Standing Out: Latest Door Trends to Watch Out For

Latest Door TrendsRemodeling is popular during the start of the year. Most homeowners aspire for a new look to their households as part of their New Year’s resolution or simply because they’re planning a resale. There are several ways to boost your home's curb appeal, but getting a front door replacement is one of the most economic ways to give your house a new look.

Doors are the first thing that guests see when they arrive on your doorstep. This gives homeowners a good opportunity to make a statement about their homes. Recent door trends are redefining the notion of door designs and providing other homeowners with inspiration.

Arches and Contemporary Glass

With more and more homeowners moving past intricate door panel designs, there’s been a demand for arched doorways and windowed doors, which add a regal touch to the house. The local market has also made the shift to fiberglass which is cheaper and more attractive than the traditional wooden door.

Vintage Designs and an Odd Lineup of Materials

With the rise of modern architecture, people are coming up with various approaches to make their houses stand out from the rest. Doors are just another way for homeowners to get creative and use leather or nail heads for a new trim, or vintage style lettering on their front door.

Adding a Splash of Paint for Extra Glamour

Adding color to your front door can be refreshing and it’s the cheapest way to knock a few years off your home. Vibrant door colors are also the best way to add character and personality to your home. The eye-catching shade can help distinguish your house from the rest as well.

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The days of experimenting with traditional wooden designs are long gone. There are now several ways to make your front door stand out and recent door trends prove that homeowners are now turning away from traditional architecture for a more personalized home decor.