Spraying and Baiting to Exterminate Ant Colony in Your Home

Ant Extermination and ControlThere is a long list of do-it-yourself ant repellants. Some of the items you’ll find online include chalk lines, dishwashing liquid, talcum powder, peppermint oil, cinnamon, and whole cloves.

The other and perhaps the better option is to hire an experienced pest control company in Salt Lake City or wherever you live. Whichever option you are going for, here are a few guidelines you can follow:

On spraying

Worker ants are the visible elements of a colony of millions of insects. The queen sits comfortably in the nest, protected by soldiers and nurtured in order to produce more eggs. The worker ants in the nest make sure the larvae develop into adults—they bring food and ensure the survival of the colony. What happens when you spray repellant products on the worker ants? Well, the colony will send out more of them. Spraying will not lead you to the source of the infestation—the nest. Finding the nest is a better use of your time than chasing around worker ants with a spray bottle.

On baiting

Worker ants forage for food and bring back every bit they find to the colony. Instead of chasing them with a spray bottle, you would do better by buying ant bait. When the workers carry the poisoned bits of food back to the nest, it is probable that the queen may ingest the compounds and become exterminated. Without the queen, the colony will decline. Baiting gives you a better chance of fighting the infestation at the source.

If you are convinced that using bait is more promising, then you need to know where to place the bait. It makes sense to place them in areas frequented by ants. Follow ant trails and place baits there. Observe the behavior of worker ants in your home patiently and place the baits where you are most likely to find them.

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Think about the things you have just learned from pest exterminators before going about your usual ant extermination rituals. There is always a better and more efficient way to rid your home of these pests.