Plantation Shutters: A Great Passive Home Design Element

Plantation Shutters in AustraliaThrough passive design elements, you enhance the appearance of your home and make it use less energy, while still maintaining great indoor comfort. There are many ways to passively design your home, one of which is through the use of correct window shading and protective treatments.

In Perth, a favourite amongst homeowners are plantation shutters. These have been around for many years, but they are still among the best-selling window treatments simply because they offer great value. They can improve the appearance of a home while delivering impressive protection against too much heat and cold.

Do plantation shutters help maintain good indoor temperature?

All properly installed types of shutters, given that they are of quality materials, will help you maintain optimal indoor temperature. Proper placement of these window treatments also contribute to indoor comfort.

Since correct installation and placement play integral roles in how beneficial these shutters will be, have professional plantation shutters installers set them up for you.

Where can you use these shutters?

While plantation shutters are so versatile they can benefit any part of your home, they work best when installed in the eastern and western elevations, according to These work better compared to fixed shading materials, since they provide more protection from the sun’s low angle. says these treatments make controlling airflow and privacy easy.  With these adjustable shading window treatments, you enjoy a higher level of control over the amount of heat and light that permeates your home, while still allowing you to adjust them for better views of the outdoors.

Why should you choose these shutters over your other options?

Unlike some types of window coverings, plantation shutters can be used both inside and outside the house. There are some external plantation shutters made from weather-resistant materials. Both the interior and outdoor variety boost aesthetic appeal, adding value to your home.

When deciding which type of window treatments to get, consider these benefits of plantation shutters. But before you choose, look at other options, too.