Make Your Floor Stunning With Parquet Flooring

Want to impress every guest that enters your home? Then start with your floors. It may look like a simple part of your home, but this surface can have an impact on the overall beauty of your home. The increasing range of flooring designs and materials in the market can be overwhelming. If you are looking for flooring with a decorative pattern, then parquet floors would be perfect.

What Is Parquetry?

Parquet flooring is a “geometric mosaic” of small pieces of wood with decorative patterns. The parquet floor was first introduced in 1684, during which they only appeared in the homes of royal families. Today, you can find parquet flooring in different properties all over the world.

Planet Timbers

Thanks to contemporary printing and embossing technologies, parquet pieces can be manufactured to suit a homeowner’s design preference. Unlike other wood flooring types, where wooden slats are laid side by side, parquetry uses an unconventional layout of slats to form unique floor designs.

Types of Parquet Floors

Parquet flooring is durable and long lasting. Here are two types of parquet floors:

Block parquetry – This traditional floor choice comes with large wood pieces, complementing any home decor. Contractors manufacture block parquets to homeowners’ specifications, typically on a square, chevron, or herringbone pattern.

Mosaic parquetry – You can typically see this in a complex pattern in indoor sports courts. You may choose to have expensive parquetry made using solid pieces of wood, or affordable pan parquet installed by gluing hardwood veneer over a plywood board.

Parquet designs and dimensions work well with both rustic and modern homes and decor. The various shades and finishes of wood achieve a beautiful appearance for your floor and make it look new even after a long time. Parquet flooring requires minimal maintenance. You do not need to worry about stains because any liquid spills can be wiped easily.

Parquetry is best for homeowners who appreciate art and classical patterns in decorations and home designs. It does not just make your floors more appealing but also raises the value of your home.