Landscape that Stuns at Night, All Thanks to Proper Illumination

Backyard during night timeYou’ve done everything to create a world-class looking yard. From the proper positioning of flower pots to ridding the lawn of lumps, you poured all your effort into a beautiful landscape. So, why put everything to waste when nightfall comes?

Don’t let the dark cast a shadow on your yard’s potential. A couple of well-placed landscape lights are what you need for a lawn that sparkles even at night.

What’s the Lighting’s Purpose?

Before you invest in landscape lighting, consider why you want it in the first place. Apart from illuminating the area, what else do you want the lights to do for your yard?

Perhaps you want lighting that sets a romantic mood during the evening. Or maybe you wish to add extra security by the trees or shadowy garden corner. Knowing the purpose behind the lighting gives you a sense of direction in terms of materials and your plan.

Yard Sketch: The Blueprint for an Amazing Plan

Once you’ve pinpointed your reasons, it’s time to sketch the yard. According to, provider of quality sprinkler systems, this serves as your guide through the process.

In your sketch, include the existing lights, surrounding structures, trees, shrubs, and even the benches. Don’t forget the decorations and other vegetation. Sketching gives you outlooks on the items you listed down, which will either absorb or reflect the light.

Determine Your Budget Range

Before you begin the project, it’s important to know how much you can afford. Doing so gives you a limit when it comes to purchasing the materials.

In terms of budget, determine your range first. High-voltage lighting often begins at $100 or more, depending on the brand. If you are looking to save, resort to low-voltage lighting, which costs at least $30 each. Also, don’t forget to factor in the labor costs when hiring a contractor for your lights.

Enjoy a garden that glows even when the sun sets. With the right kind of lighting, you’ll enjoy a yard that stuns even at night.