How to Expand Space in a Narrow House

Narrow HouseSkinny may be “in” in the fashion world, but you can easily say the same in the real estate business. Narrow lots in Australia are now being used for residential structures or home extensions and there are quite a number of impressive houses created from these skinny properties. If you happen to consider an elongated house, note the following pointers for maximizing your home’s square footage.

Windows, Mirrors and Glass Doors – Opening up space may be virtually impossible in many narrow lot house plans, but it’s quite easy to make it look like it’s spacious with the use of well-placed windows, glass doors and mirrors. Placing large wall sized mirrors in specific areas such as the bathroom or a hallway, along with glass doors for the bathrooms or the patio doors (if there is space for one) will add the illusion of width to otherwise narrow spaces. Putting in large windows where it’s possible will have the same effect.

Mezzanines and High Ceilings – For two or three story structures, having open space to look up to also creates that spacious feel. Having a properly-placed mezzanine for your second or third floor is a good way to apply this concept. If your designer or architect feels this would not work, then insist on high ceilings instead. You may want them to add in storage space such as shelves and cabinets near the ceiling as well.

Minimize Walls – No need to wall-in the laundry room or that walk-in closet. Aim for open space or half walls to divide areas meant for specific activities or rooms. The washing machine can be placed beside that walk-in closet without having to put in divider. Having divisions in an already narrow space makes it long even smaller. Curtains can also be a good divider since it can be pushed aside to allow uninhibited visibility.

Armed with these pointers, consult with a reputable home construction firm and let them know that you fully intend to enjoy your home even if it’s on a narrow lot. Find a company that has had experience with these sort of jobs and do consult with them on other ideas to maximize your property. Work together so you can finally get that dream house you’ve always wished for.