Doors Don’t Go to Heaven: Turn Old Doors into Good Use

Turn Old Doors into Good UseSome people think that recycling and reusing are only possible with small materials like bottles, cans, boxes, etc. Why not take recycling and reusing to the next level? Try turning old furniture into new and different items; you can do the same with your old doors.

Here are some ways to repurpose your old doors:

Bookshelf – Attach a couple or three short planks of wood as shelves on the old door, then place it against the wall. You can also make a corner shelf by sawing the door in half lengthwise, secure them in the corner and then attach cone-shaped planks of wood.

Coffee Table – Simply saw your old door in three, making one section longer than the two. Turn the two shorter boards as the table’s legs and the long one as the top. This is ideal with colored exterior front doors for a lively effect in the living room. If you want to add a rustic touch to it, strip a bit of its paint and scrub it with sand paper.

Headboard – Position the door horizontally then saw it according to the width of your bed. Attach a couple of 1×4 or shorter planks of wood at the bottom as they will act as the headboard’s legs. Paint the headboard with cream white, beige or brown and add a few wood appliques.

Room Divider – If you want to isolate a small area, like a study corner, attach two to three doors together and arrange them according to its size. You can make them stand as solid as a wall or attach them together using hinges to make them movable or foldable.

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Photo Frame – For French doors with multiple panels, simply stick your most memorable photos behind or on the glass. Turn it into a live scrapbook by placing quotes and messages using decorative papers. And for a more mystical effect, place light bulbs or Christmas lights around it or behind the door.

Organizer – This is ideal as well for French doors by applying chalkboard paint on the glass panels. Allow them to dry before spreading chalk dust on each so you can begin writing on them.

Your old doors don’t have to end simply as scraps, look at each of them in a different perspective and turn them into something more useful.