Busting Four of the Most Prevalent Myths about Granny Flats

ConstructionWhether you want to get extra space in your home or increase your home’s value, granny flat houses are a worthy addition to your property. These structures have become common in more homes due to the high property prices in the market. However, without conducting in-depth research, you could be relying on these myths as your only information.

The Approval Process Takes Long

Like ordinary buildings, the duration of the approval process depends on how well and fast you comply with the local building regulations. Your approval process will take longer if your plan does not meet the required criteria; consulting an experienced granny flat builder will help you find a design that will best match your local building codes.

The Structure Must Be a Separate Dwelling

While most people build a flat as a separate structure from main houses, there is no restriction on how you should set your granny flat. It can be as an extension or a separate unit from the main house.

You Cannot Rent Out a Flat

More and more individuals are today opting to rent granny flats since they are more affordable than typical rental spaces. Therefore, any homeowner can build one in their property for rental purposes. However, notify local authorities of the move for rental tax processing.

You Cannot Obtain Financing

Lenders are becoming open in their lending options. Therefore, it is possible to obtain financing from any lender to set up your granny flat.

If you have been putting off building your granny flat from the fear of the above myths, you now know the truth. With the right design, you will enjoy the full benefits of having such a structure in your property. However, be sure to get building services from a certified granny flat builder for extended service life.