Warning Signs that You Need to Replace Your Windows

Men Fixing the Window in QueanbeyanWindows usually take a lot of beating in the winter. Excessive exposure to sunlight damages different types of windows, too. If you have not replaced your windows recently, it’s time you inspected them for damage. What are some of the signs of damage?

Difficulty in Opening and Closing

Stuck windows can be annoying and a possible hazard. In most cases, windows fail to open and close due to rot, broken parts and jammed sashes. Inspecting your windows for signs of decay would help you know whether it’s time to call a repair expert or replace the windows entirely. If you have timber windows, inspect them closely for dry rot.

High Energy Bills

When windows are functioning properly, they help keep the inside of your home comfortable. This means you would not spend a lot on heating and cooling. If your windows are letting in too much light, or they cannot keep the bad weather outside anymore, you need to replace them.

Condensation and Debris Accumulation

Double and triple-pane windows work well to insulate the home. However, this is only possible when they are working efficiently. When you notice condensation and debris build-up between the panes, it’s a sign that seals have been compromised.

Fading and discolouration may also indicate damage to your windows.

Presence of Critters in Your House

Outdoor insects may crawl in through cracks in the panes and sills of your windows. Cracked panes and sills would also not shut out exterior noise. Replacement would be the only sensible move.

When it’s time to replace your windows, don’t assume that all you need are new ones. Compare the cost of repair and replacement, and determine if maintenance is an issue. You don’t want to make costly mistakes.