Update the Look of a Space by Replacing Just Door Handles

photo of a door handle being installedUpdating the look of a space often comes with costly remodelling costs. However, there is a way to update the look of a space instantly — simply by installing new hardware, such as furniture and door handles.


You could find cabinet doors everywhere in the work area, and updating the handles is a great way to create a subtle but effective change in the look of a space. Give cabinet doors a new look by installing new door handles.

Modern furniture door handles come in various designs that complement traditional, modern, minimalist and even quirky interior design themes. It’s the kind of change you could make in a space that people notice but couldn’t quite put their finger on it.


Make drawers work harder for you. Not only are these functional room elements, but they can also build on part of the room’s overall look. Built-in drawers in commercial or office spaces are usually on the utilitarian looking side.

But, who says it has to stay that way? Installing new and modern drawer handles can elevate the look of your storage equipment, making them an integral part of the space’s overall design. It also adds character to otherwise plain looking furniture.


Workplace doors don’t have to be plain and ordinary. You could have a flat surface door with a minimalist handle to complete the look or a panelled one paired with a lever type door handle for a more sophisticated look.

Doors are there for a reason, and it’s not just to let you in and out of a room, it also serves as a design feature that ideally should match the interior design of the space. By changing to door handles that blend seamlessly with the room design, it creates visual impact and elevates the look of the space in an instant.

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With that said, updating the look of your space can be done quickly and cost-effectively with just changing your current door and furniture handles. Give your space a fresh new look with this inexpensive design trick and create that space you love going to every day.