Tips to Decorate Your Interior Doors

photo of different set of doorsInterior doors are an essential component of the wall space in your rooms. Leaving them white and unadorned is a waste of an opportunity to add a dash of personality, pattern, and colour to your house. Instead, homeowners can try these inexpensive ways to decorate their closet doors to give their bedrooms a mini-makeover.

Nailhead Trims

In Australia, nailhead trims are a fantastic way to add not only an elegant style but also colour to your interior doors. It takes a little more time to add nailhead trims to a closet door, but the results are worth it. You can add vinyl siding panels to a door frame and then use a hammer to nail strips of your choice along the door.

Ceiling Medallions

You can check with a local home improvement store for a variety of ceiling medallions. While these medallions are commonly used on ceiling light fixtures, homeowners can still use them to decorate their closet doors. You can attach the emblem to an interior door, add an attractive knob, and then paint both the medallion and door.

Spray Frost

It is time to upgrade your old mirrored closet doors with spray frost. You do not have to replace it entirely; instead, spray it with frosted glass paint to make it more attractive. You can use stencils or painter’s tape to cover parts of the door you want to remain untouched. Renters can scrap the mirrored door with a sharp blade when removing the paint.

Faux Trims

You can use faux trims to complement any traditional or formal interior door decorating style. You can use painter’s tape to cover the inset on the doors, and then paint the entire surface of the door with your favourite colour. Your interior doors will have a touch of elegance once you remove the tape.

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Perhaps you think that you are limited to plain, white interior doors in your bedrooms. However, there are many ways to decorate a closet door to make it an integral component of a room’s décor. You can also use innovative designs and unique materials to provide privacy with an interior door.