Since You can’t Stop Children from Swimming, Time You Kept the Pool Safe

The Boy Swimming in PerthWith all the excitement and fun swimming can give, it’s hard to keep kids away from taking the plunge. This is especially true in the Land Down Under where the waters seem like huge magnet and getting wet has become a national past time. In which case, you may have to take extra measures to make sure that pool in your backyard is as child-friendly as possible.

A National Pastime

A quick look should be telling. Swimming is as pervasive as ever. And truth to tell, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the heart of Sydney or at the largest city in Western Australia, Perth, everybody loves swimming.

For the young and old alike, swimming occupies the top spot as the most regularly done sport in Planet Australia, a Roy Morgan 2015 research details. In its “Top 20 Sports and Activities by Regular Participation Rate” survey, around one of every 10 adults enjoys swimming more than any other sport. More astonishingly, around one of two Aussie kids regularly takes the plunge. That should be telling.

Protecting Kids

Such trends sure explain why households with swimming pools are on the rise with Australia’s north having the highest proportion, government data shows. While building a pool may be a good idea for your family, building one as safe as possible is paramount.

In this regard, making use of glass pool fencing is a good first step, according to Clear-Az-Glass Fencing. Not only does a glass pool fence keep the kids away from easy access to the pool, it allows you to monitor the activities inside the pool from a distance.

Aside from abiding the law, you’d be doing everyone in the house a huge favor – pets including. Reality shows children are not the only ones at immediate risk. A lot of swimming pool incidents have been reported pertaining to pets and elderly ones with medical conditions falling over.

Also, make sure kids are not left alone in the pool without an adult consciously looking over. When your mind is on safety first and foremost, kids enjoy the waters the most.