Regular Maintenance: Ways to Keep Your Microwave Oven in Good Condition

Microwave Ovens MaintenanceMicrowave ovens are among the most important home appliances, making their proper maintenance of paramount importance. Like any appliance you can find at home, this food-heating companion needs regular care to make sure it’s free from damage and works productively through time.

Since the stains and oily grease from food whenever you cook using the microwave oven affect its durability, follow these simple tips to make sure it remains good as new:

Start With What Goes In and Out of Your Appliance

Not all of your food containers are ideal for your microwave oven. If you are not sure what to use when preheating your food, here are simple reminders for you:

  • Never attempt to disinfect your child’s baby bottles using the microwave oven.
  • Not all ceramic, glass and plastic containers may be used in the microwave. Before purchasing your containers, make sure they are properly labeled, or ask the friendly saleslady if the item is microwavable.
  • Never put your travel mugs in the microwave. According to Wasatch Steel, anything that is made with stainless steel will block the heat from warming your food or beverage, causing only damage to your appliance.
Prepare Your Cleaning Items

Remember to keep your cleaning tools handy. Once you’re all set, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Use a combination of mild detergent and water when cleaning the microwave oven. From the inside and out, cleaning your device can help save your family from thriving bacteria.
  • Remember to clean the corners and joints of the door. Sometimes, a form of soil builds on the edges.
  • Remove the odors through a spoon of baking soda and one glass of lukewarm water.

Maintaining your microwave oven starts from your awareness. To keep it functional, clean it right after using it. If technical problems should arise, call your trusted technicians or microwave oven manufacturer to get some help.