Make the Stairs Safe for Your Baby

Child-Friendly HomeIt’s so exciting to see your baby trying to crawl and walk without getting your help. You see how happy your child moves around the house. This is a good sign of how much he has grown up. At the same time, it may cause a concern for your baby’s safety. You have to constantly watch him to avoid an accident or any trouble.

Why Stairs are Dangerous for Your Baby

One of the things you have to watch out for is the stairs. Simply put, it’s not safe for babies to go up and down the stairs without your supervision. According to an article in New York Times, most household staircases are not designed with child safety in mind. Furthermore, children who fall down the stairs die from the fall or suffer injuries like sprains, bruises, and hematomas.

Installing Stair Gates

This is why you have to keep your child away from the stairs. It’s best to have a sturdy baby stair gate installed. By having the right one, you can keep your baby from getting hurt.

To discourage your child from walking or crawling up and down the stairs, you need to use a stair gate. Installing one keeps you from worrying, as you do the household chores. In choosing a baby stair gate, make sure it fits the entrance to the stairs.

Cost should be no problem since you can always find a great deal. There’s no excuse to baby proofing your home.

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