Learn How Marine-Grade Plywood Saves You Maintenance Costs

pile of marine grade plywoodYou’ve probably come across marine plywood for sale and wondered what makes it different from the regular plywood. Basing on its name, you might be forgiven for thinking of it as waterproof, but it does stand up to water very well.

Thanks to the use of waterproof glue on the exterior side, this plywood is somewhat tolerant of water. That makes it a popular choice of boat-making materials. In the home front, you can still tap into the benefits and keep your home in perfect shape without burning a hole in your wallet.

Safeguard your kitchen and bathroom walls

Moisture is a common occurrence in these two most water-intensive areas of the home. Naturally, spills and splashes are frequent in the kitchen walls, while an overflowing toilet or tub can douse your bathroom floor with water. When this happens, it increases the likelihood of deformities and rotting.

Water damages cost a pretty penny to repair and carry the additional risk of mould infestation. Marine-grade plywood with a durable protective finish keeps the water from penetrating the surface.

Extend the service life of your porch

If you have an uncovered porch, it must weather the occasional storm and pounding rains while remaining unscathed. Marine-grade plywood makes an excellent choice for outdoor structures and furniture.

Due to the use of waterproof glue to coat the external surface, such plywood won’t fall apart or delaminate when exposed to the elements. It will stand high temperatures, humidity, and moisture without disintegrating or unravelling. That makes a choice product for the boat making industry.

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If the protective finish is damaged, the water gets to the plywood. It will hold steady and stave off from seeping through the layers. In the home environment, the exposure to water is not as much, meaning your outdoor structure will serve you for a long time.

Marine-grade plywood is made of hardwood sheets, making it durable and robust. An outer waterproof coat ensures that it withstands the elements without losing its integrity.