Home Exterior Design in Focus: Garden Kerbing

LandscapingGardening is no easy job. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep a beautiful home exterior you can be proud of. This does not mean, though, that gardening is all work. Most people who get into it do it for therapeutic purposes. Creating something and watching it grow can be a fun and exciting experience. Designing a garden is not just about the plants. It is also about the elements you put in such as kerbing.

Here are some reasons you should add kerbing into your garden design:


Industry professional Gardeners-Perth.com.au shares that garden kerbing or edging is what separates your plants from the grass. Think of it like a photograph. The edges and corners keep the focus on the picture itself. The same goes for adding concrete edge to your garden design. You can lock plants in large patches you can frame with concrete edging. This gives your garden a more organized look. It is also typical to use kerbing when you wish to separate the grass from the steps to your house. Creating visible lines in your garden gives your exterior a more refined look.


Another use for kerbing is to keep your garden easier to maintain. If the grass is freely growing everywhere in your garden, it can be difficult to keep it cut. Kerbing lessens the grass you need to work with and helps you focus on the plants in sections. Dried leaves falling from plants may also land within the curb so it is easier to clean. An edge also prevents the growth of grass on the walkway. You can contain their growth and spread so it does not affect the overall aesthetic of your garden.

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Don’t hesitate to hire experts on garden kerbing and get a design suited to your needs. Check out several designs for inspiration. See what fits the whole design of your home for a more consistent look.