Design Tricks To Help Spice Up Your Home

Home DesignDesigning your own home can be exciting and fun. Your own creativity can be unleashed, but there are some basic interior design principles you need to know before buying and putting stuff in a room.

Space Allocation

Not all homes will have plenty of space. Even if your home does have a huge living room or kitchen, there’s still the problem of deciding where to place certain items.

You don’t have to occupy all the space. In fact, some empty spaces in rooms can be a form of design. A cramped room doesn’t really appeal to others.


Some homes rely on natural lighting to brighten up the rooms. As a rule of thumb, to receive an ample amount of light, you should not block windows.

However, it still comes down to preference. For a darker room, you may want to use drapes that have darker shades. Use stylish blinds to block out the glare of the sun.

Furniture Choice

There are many furniture choices. It’s important to get what’s comfortable for you. When choosing pieces that match your motif, keep in mind the three principles of interior design.

Buy straight shapes, for a minimalist and geometrical interior design scheme. For more organic or playful designs, go for patterns with curves.

Additional Decorations

It’s also a good idea to buy contemporary art prints to spice up your empty walls. The prints can also be the focal point in your room.

Try other ornamental art forms such as clay, glass and wood, as well. They can add to the personality of your design.

It’s nice to design your own house, condominium or room. When you have no idea how to do it, consider hiring an expert, getting advice from your friends or turning to magazines for some ideas.