Cutting Energy Costs Even with an Air Conditioner

setting air conditioning
Air conditioners provide utmost comfort to homes and businesses, which is why they have become a necessity in almost every space. The cooling system, however, can disappoint users, especially when the energy bills start to go up. Save on energy costs even with the air conditioner on through the following pointers.

Check the Unit

Do you know that you need to clean your cooling system at least once every two weeks? Dust, smoke, and other kinds of pollution enter your air conditioner, resulting in a dirty and dusty unit. Because of this, it is important to regularly clean your air-con’s filters and schedule it for maintenance at least twice a year. All Hours Plumbing and HVAC, an HVAC repair company from Utah say that well-maintained air conditioners produce cooler air and prevents system noise, leaking, and high-energy consumption.

Keep Temperatures Lower at Night

Heat levels are lower at night, allowing you to reduce the air conditioner’s cooling levels. According to a study, maintaining a 77 to 79 thermostat can cut energy costs up to 5 percent. Even if it was an extremely humid day, a person’s body can easily adapt to this temperature due to the night’s cooler air.

Turn Off the Lights

Light produces heat, which enters your body and furniture, and hinders your air conditioner from providing its maximum cooling capacity. Prevent this from happening by turning off unnecessary lighting and by installing window shades that will block the sun’s rays. Doing this allows your air conditioner to produce colder air, resulting in lesser energy consumption.

Reposition Your Furniture

You may ask, “What does my furniture have to do with my air conditioner?” Simple, furnishings such as cabinets and couches can block your cooling system’s vents, which transmit cold air to the wrong places. Make sure that your air conditioner is in the right place by checking the furniture that surrounds it. You can also install it at a higher position so that the air will rotate on center.

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Being aware of your room’s temperature and the equipment surrounding it can help a lot when it comes to decreasing energy costs. Enjoy your air conditioner and make sure to use it wisely.