Aeration Vital to Keeping Your Lawn Healthy and Beautiful

Gardening in PerthGiving your lawn the proper care and maintenance is a guarantee that it will remain as beautiful and captivating as ever. Achieving this would require more than just mowing, watering and fertilising, though.

Your garden needs regular aeration, a vital procedure that is best performed by a professional specialising in lawn care in Perth.

Significance of Lawn Aeration

Aeration is the vital procedure that allows your lawn to get more oxygen by punching holes in your lawn. This means there is more air, water and nutrients that will circulate around the roots of the plants. This will encourage the growth of beneficial microorganisms, prevent diseases and promote a healthier lawn.

Aerating Your Lawn

Even when lawn aeration is already a regular part of your maintenance, this may become especially necessary when these indications appear:

  • Thin-looking grass. A lawn that has thin-looking grass is a good sign that it is time to aerate your lawn. You may have to eliminate all other possible causes just to make sure that your lawn is not experiencing other issues.
  • No improvement after applying fertiliser. If there is no improvement in your lawn even after applying fertiliser, you should now consider aerating your lawn. Your soil may be highly compacted, which means nutrients do not reach the roots. This results in an unhealthy lawn. You may also want to check and analyse your soil type.
  • Heavy use of lawn. If your lawn is exposed to heavy use, it may be a good candidate for aeration. This is especially true when your lawn becomes a favourite playground for your children and pets. This constant contact with the surface may result in soil compaction.

You should make aeration a regular part of your lawn care and maintenance even if you do not encounter problems. Aeration is a simple and inexpensive way of ensuring the best health of your lawn.