3 Ways to Decorate with Ceiling Planks

Ceiling Plank DecoratingLove the look of your planked ceiling but are looking for ways to give it a fresh, new look? Here are three different design ideas to revamp the look of the lovely pine tongue and groove ceiling planks in your home:

Bold and Striking

Painting your ceiling planks with a bold color gives an unexpected pop of color in the room. As it’s not always expected for a bold and striking color to be used on the ceiling, doing so will give it a well-deserved attention. It’s a quirky way to design a ceiling and a rather uncommon ceiling treatment that can make your home style unique.

Calm and Cozy

Refinishing the surface of your planks can restore its beautiful, natural shade and bring the luster back to it. This natural finish can be seen in many mid-century modern houses and rustic-style homes. This look lends warmth and softness to your space, creating an easy and comfortable feel in the room. It’s also the easiest to maintain, as the material is left in its natural color and state, making it the choice of style in many homes.

Warm and Sunny

Nothing beats a laid-back coastal vibe that makes you feel warm. Bring this relaxing vibe into your space by painting your ceiling planks with a clean and creamy white paint that’s perfect for a beach style look.

These are only three of the many ways you can dress up and design your pine ceiling planks. This design material is truly versatile; it can be used with many interior styles or in combination with other ceiling designs. Look for a reputable supplier and contractor if you think you can’t handle the job on your own.