What’s New In the Roofing World? Better, Cooler Homes

Roofing options in PerthAs climate change continues to plague Australians and heating/cooling costs keeps on rising, the number of Perth homeowners investing in green, energy-efficient products has also followed suit. Because of this, the demand for such necessities has prompted roofing experts to manufacture products both designed to put less stress on the environment and help reduce energy expenses.

Nowadays, you will find that roofing options in Perth like permacoat.com.au allow for better-performing, cooler, and more energy-efficient homes. Thanks to the science behind cool roofs, not only will you enjoy a considerable improvement in the comfort and value of your home, but you will also contribute to the nature conservation and preservation.

Cool roofing technology: the science behind it

One of the most impressive innovations in the Australian roofing industry is the cool roof. Compared to traditional roofing, it reflects a greater amount of sunlight, resulting in less heat absorption. The highly reflective material that makes it up benefits homes and other structures located in areas around the nation with continuously changing climates, such as Perth.

With a home donned in a cool roof, you can minimise your energy consumption, leading to reduced electricity bills. How? Since this roofing system considerably helps control indoor climate, you no longer have the same level of need for your heating and cooling equipment, thus; you will use it less.

Less stress on your heating and cooling equipment

Aside from lower electricity bills, cool roofing also aids you in extending the life of your home heating and cooling equipment. Again, you can attribute this to the minimised operation of the HVAC system.

Technology that reduces temperature from the outside

Cool roofs reduce the temperature permeating your home from the outside, one of the primary reasons your home’s indoor temperature tend to be unbearable at times. Since Perth’s weather conditions greatly vary, you need to control the temperature to ensure you stay cosy and comfortable inside your home. The technology behind cool roofing will help you do this, as it helps keep the air inside cooler or warmer, depending on the season.