What Makes Duro-Last The “World’s Best Roof”?

roofing systemDuro-Last has been a leader in the industry of prefabricated, single-ply roofing systems for nearly four decades. This distinction has earned the trust of corporations and industries throughout the country, who have shown keen recognition of the brand’s contributions to the roofing industry.

Duro-Last has since been proclaimed as the “World’s Best Roof” and applied the title in their slogan. To no one’s surprise, the best roofing contractors would agree.

The Duro-Last Difference

So what sets Duro-Last apart? Two words: custom fabrication. Membrane sheets are welded together and prefabricated to your building’s exact dimensions, as specified by your contractor. Carrying out up to 85% of membrane-seaming in their controlled factory environment, it’s able to reduce the chances of rooftop installation errors and leaks.

A Leader in High Standards

Their Quality Control lab performs a variety of tests on all components of their roofing systems, in addition to carrying out routine inspections on all completed membranes.

Furthermore, Duro-Last sets incredibly high standards in quality and precision by using only state-of-the-art technology. You can complete your project using details from EXCEPTIONAL Metals, which uses advanced equipment to fabricate products, such as copper, aluminum, and stainless steel.

In 2014, the company brought in a one-of-a-kind extruder that offers a unique process to laminate PVC membranes.“We’re the only one in the world to have this particular technology right now,” Duro-Last marketing communications director Jenny Bruzewski said. “There’s a certain way this extruder laminates the different parts of the membrane together.”

Before, the company had to outsource some orders of products more than five feet wide. With the new mammoth machine, they can do everything in-house.

Strength and Durability

metal roofingIn the subject of resistance, Duro-Last wins over other roofing systems by a landslide. Their system is fire retardant, and resistant to grease, chemicals, punctures, and high winds. It can also withstand a range of extreme temperatures.

Moreover, their custom flashing shows impressive resistance against ponding water and helps prevent potential roof problems. Once installed, a Duro-Last roof is watertight and is practically maintenance-free.

If time has caught up with your metal roofing, their Duro-Shield roofing system is a cost-effective and long-term solution without the expensive tear-off. It protects your building from years of exposure to harmful elements, hot and cold extremes, and corrosion.

Unparalleled Security

One of Duro-Last’s standout qualities has to be its unparalleled security for all commercial roofing applications. Their comprehensive 15-year No Dollar Limit Warranty is considered the best in the industry. It’s transferable and provides coverage of consequential damages as a result of material defects and the installation of the authorized contractor.

Duro-Last products may also come with warranties with 15 years of consequential damage coverage, as well as warranties for installations in high-wind areas.

Green Efforts

Duro-Last excels in not only product quality, but also in its effort to promote eco-friendly products and business practices. In 2010, Duro-Last was honored by Corp Magazine for its green initiatives regarding environmental stewardship, air quality, and green building and business practices.

Since its inception in 1978, more than two billion square-feet of the Duro-Last roofing system membrane have been installed on industrial, commercial and institutional buildings throughout North America – a testament to the brand’s superior quality.

As it continues to deliver consistent excellence in workmanship, performance and security, the World’s Best Roof will continue to live up to its name.