Top 3 Margaret River Attractions for Couples

Margaret River Attractions Margaret River is a beautiful town located on the west coast of Australia. A three hours’ drive away from Perth, this town is a great getaway destination for everyone. With its many romantic spots, Margaret River is a haven for couples who want to take a break from busy urban lives.

Here are a few Margaret River attractions that you and your partner should try:

1. Winery Tours

Margaret River is famous for its wineries, so it is fitting to visit the wineries whilst you’re there. To make your tour romantic, have an intimate lunch at one of Margaret River’s winery farms. Enjoy country-style dishes and, more importantly, spend the afternoon with your partner whilst enjoying a bottle of the local wine.

 2. Helicopter Tour

Getting a chance to look at the beautiful scenery of the whole Margaret River region from the sky is too good to pass up. Consider hopping on one of the famous helicopter tours in town. Hold hands with your partner whilst being impressed looking at the scenic wineries, colourful landscapes and breathtaking coasts.

3. Amaze’n Maze

Amaze’n is one of the town’s signature man-made attractions. This giant maze is made of tall and well-kept hedges, and it includes a range of built-in challenges. It is perfect for couples who want to have fun solving riddles and getting lost a few times. But don’t worry, the aimless wander through the maze is worth it as at the end of the maze, you’ll have to go up to an elevated tower where you can enjoy a great view of the giant hedges.

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With these attractions, you and your partner will definitely have a great time in Margaret River. Don’t forget to include them in your itinerary, as they are excellent representations of what this town can offer.