The Versatile Window Treatment: Plantation Shutter Ideas for your Home

windowThere are many types of window treatments and furnishings available today. Some are designed to help reduce energy costs while some are installed for added privacy. But if you’re looking for a highly versatile treatment for your home windows, you can never go wrong with plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters provide a number of benefits. They don’t just help control the amount of view and sunlight, but also serve as flexible design solutions that will suit your home. You can install them in many different ways and incorporate with other furnishings, upgrading your home’s look and feel while giving your windows new purpose.

Here are a few excellent ideas on installing plantation shutters in your home.

Upgrade your Living Room

Shutters can help you take your living room’s charm and comfort to a whole new level. Open the shutters during daytime to let the natural light and the fresh outdoor air in. It will create an ambience of openness, making your living room a nicer place to relax with the family.

Liven up your modern kitchen

Thanks to its versatility, plantation shutters can also go well with elements of a modern kitchen. Neutral coloured shutters go well with marble backsplash, granite countertops and white or black cabinets.

Mount them from the inside

If you install shutters from the inside, it will serve not just as a window, but also as an accent. All you have to do is choose a trim work that best suits the theme of the room and let your contractor do the installation for you. In addition, it will also make your window appear taller.

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Use in Odd-Shaped Windows

Who says shutters are only for rectangular openings? Plantation shutters in Perth homes are also installed in odd shaped windows, such as a round or oval ones, says Half Price Shutters. This will surely add more character to any room or area. If you have a heart-shaped one, just let your contractor know and they’ll find a way to fit it for you.

These are only a few ideas you can get inspiration from. Talk to your contractor to know more options on installing plantation shutters for your home.