The Hottest Trends in Interior Design for 2017

Interior DesignIt’s already 2017. If your home feels more like a snoozefest, it’s time to add life to it by adopting some of the latest trends in interior design this year. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, Urban95 cites some of this year’s trends that could bring that X-factor your home needs.

1. Love the Green – Lots of It

Those white walls are slowly disappearing. Instead, various colors define a home, and for 2017, the calming, revitalizing green takes center stage, thanks to being the Pantone Color of the Year.

2. Plant and Eat Them

As more people strive to eat healthy and local food, expect to see a different kind of garden this year. While there will still be flowers, there will also be the “salad kits: tomatoes, basil, arugula, and lettuce.

Moreover, these gardens will find their way to more city homes where space is at a premium. Dwellers, therefore, will become creative and inventive through rooftop gardening and DIY indoor lighting for the microgreens.

3. Fly High with Aviation-Inspired Furniture

Sleek, industrial looking, with a good mixture of modern and vintage – these are the classy, polished furniture pieces inspired by the skies. A cool piece of aviator themed furniture to buy online is a minimalist computer or office desk with hints of metal, which complements the imposing cushioned leather seats. It surely reminds you of those airplane seats and some of your best travel adventures.

4. Use Things Made by Your or Other People’s Hands

Finally! Those handcrafted goods you normally see at fairs and festivals are becoming mainstream. Although more people are still doing DIY for their decors, many are also tapping their home-grown artists and small-scale art pieces to embellish their homes.

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This idea makes sense. After all, artists rarely mass-produce, which means your piece, no matter how pricier than the store-bought ones, will be unique and even custom made for you.

Which of these 2017 interior design trends would you like to do? You be the judge, but either way, you can never go wrong with your choice.