The Homestead Café: The Ingredients for the Best Coffee Time

Coffee Time in PerthThe coffee culture is indeed popular not just in Perth, but in all of Australia. Left and right, you can see cafes abound in the city. Now, while you may enjoy sipping a cup at great atmospheres of the many cafes in town, you know your home is still one of the best places to imbibe the drink.

At home, you can set the atmosphere, have private moments, and just relax in the comfort of your own abode. Now, if you want to make the best coffee time within your sanctuary, here is a three-item checklist to create the perfect experience.

The Right Atmosphere

Drinking coffee is about taking a break – a quiet moment where you can regain your pace. While coffee and its caffeine supercharges your energy as a stimulant, it also makes you feel good. Helping you release the hormone serotonin makes you feel significant – something that you absolutely need when you just need a break. So, to complement these feel-good moments, you need the absolute best in your surroundings.

To stage the best coffee time at home, find the most accommodating of spaces. Whether that be your living room, the terrace, or the garden patio, find what works for you. Set up your place with the right furniture, shutters to let just the right amount of sunlight to shine through, speakers to play your music, and you are all set. You can buy wooden shutters anywhere in Perth, such as from

The Right Brew

Coffee is such a vast province of beverages. Different coffee beans, different methods of brewing and different added flavourings produce a lot of blends. Each of these blends has their distinct flavour, aroma, and some would say personality – making them unique. So it takes a lot for the discerning coffee-lover to find his favorite brew.

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If you are looking for great coffee time, you should start exploring different flavours and stock them. You can start with Australian coffee (which Australians say is the best), which sets the standard for everything else.

The Right Company

Face it, enjoying company is a private moment. It is something that is best enjoyed either alone, or with the most intimate of companions. That said, to make things lively and interesting, the last factor to have the best coffee time is enjoying it with the right company. Have family and friends come over for a nice relaxing time out. Exchange stories, catch up, and enjoy the brew together.

The coffee culture in Perth is not limited to cafes. With the right conditions, you can coffee time in your house a hundred times better than the local café.