The 4 Types of Fences You Should Know About

Metal FenceThe type of fence you choose to install contributes to your exterior’s appeal. Most importantly it ensures that you are secure from strangers and that you can have your privacy when you want to enjoy a drink or dinner with friends or family.

Unfortunately, with the numerous types of fences available, it can be stressful knowing what will best suit your needs. Knowing the function, style and durability of each of the fences will help you decide on the right type of fence, an expert from says. Here are some common types of fences you’ll find in the market.

Wood Fencing

Considered to be one of the durable types of fencing, this is popular across America. Not only does it provide homeowners with a sense of security, it also gives them a welcoming feeling when they get home. Additionally, it is affordable compared to other options in the market. Worth noting is that the more lumber you use, the more costly it will be. On the positive side, the fence can last for decades and requires minimal maintenance.

Aluminum Fencing

One of the most attractive types of fencing available, aluminum panel fencing requires less maintenance and provides homeowners with the security they need. Furthermore, you can choose to decorate it or paint it, unlike in other fencing types.

Vinyl Fencing

If you’re looking for a more elite option that is four times more flexible and five times stronger than wood, then you should definitely go for vinyl fencing. It requires minimal maintenance and you can easily clean off any stains with a cloth and soap.

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Wrought Iron Fencing

Although this type of fencing requires constant upkeep, wrought iron fencing improves your curb appeal and it is strong. In addition, they are custom-made and may require repainting after 2 years.

If you’re confused over which type of fencing to choose, talk to a reliable fence manufacturer who will advise you on the available options depending on your budget and needs.