Secure Your Home with Australia-Made Tough Glass

Tough Glass in PerthGreater tensile strength is not the only reason you should abide by a recommendation to use toughened or tempered glass. While the material maintains its chemical composition, the ability to transmit and distribute light and other innate properties, the process of tempering boosts its resistance to physical and thermal stresses.

Tempered glass is so dependable commercial establishments use it for display window panels, glass doors, glazing, skylights and related applications, as Perth City Glass will show you.

The tempering process

Tempered glass undergoes furnace heating in extremely high temperature so that it becomes molten. As soon as the desired thermometer reading is reached, the glass gets a quick blast of cooled air. The resulting contraction of the glass transforms the outermost layer of the material into an extremely durable surface.

Tempered glass makes it very difficult for potential intruders to gain entry in your home. Therefore, it is the ideal choice for areas of your home exposed to high amounts of stresses, or face high risk of damage from the elements. You can now realise your plan of having a section of the façade made from glass.

How tough is toughened glass?

Security and safety should come together, especially if you have children and elderly persons at home. If you choose toughened glass over ordinary decorative glass, you will have much less to worry about.

Tempered glass is still breakable, but when it breaks, it shatters into small, cube-like pieces, which are virtually harmless. Ordinary glass is four times weaker than tempered glass, and therefore it is more prone to breakage. A reputable contractor will not use ordinary glass on entrance doors. But, there won’t be any second thoughts on using high performance toughened glass made in Australia.

In order to make tough glass, Perth manufacturers may use chemical tempering. This is an alternative procedure that is more costly than using extreme heat. The result is the same—a very strong building material with limitless potential. Ask around for the best supplier of tempered glass in your vicinity.